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Advocacy and support

Do you need assistance with legal matters, workplace problems or discrimination? Advocacy and support for people living with diabetes is one of the services we offer to the diabetes community.


Diabetes NSW & ACT advocates on behalf of people living with and at risk of diabetes, their families and carers. If required, we can refer people to the relevant anti-discrimination body in their state or territory. We also offer diabetes education for workplaces to improve the understanding of diabetes in the community.


We are passionate about lobbying government and other bodies to help improve the lives of people living with and at risk of diabetes. As a leading voice on diabetes, we have a range of position statements on issues that impact on people with diabetes, their friends, families and carers. You can read some of our recent position statements here:

Low carbohydrate eating for people living with diabetes

Health levy on sugar sweetened drinks

Improving communication for people living with diabetes

Glucose Self Monitoring

You will also find more information about our approach to management, prevention and leadership for the diabetes community in Diabetes Australia’s National Diabetes Strategy and Action Plan.

Workplace Support

Every member of the Australian community has certain rights and responsibilities in the workplace. We are here to help and support you and your employer to understand what they are. Download our Diabetes in the Workplace flyer, and if you have any questions call our Helpline on 1300 342 238.

For school students

Diabetes NSW & ACT has a program and website called As1 Diabetes, which provides information and resources specifically to help kids, teens, parents, teachers and carers understand how to confidently manage type 1 diabetes. The program includes:

  • School Education Information packs to assist parents, teachers and children in the management of diabetes
  • Diabetes Teacher Training Seminars to help teachers and school staff deal with day-to-day management of diabetes and emergency situations
  • As1 Kids magazine, an interactive and engaging publication to help kids learn about their diabetes
  • Diabetes Carer Training to give babysitters, grandparents and family members the skills they need to effectively and safely manage and support a child in their care living with type 1 diabetes

To find out more about the As1 Diabetes program, visit or call our Helpline on 1300 342 238.

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