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Eating a good range and the right amounts of nutritious foods is a key part of living well with diabetes. But getting your diet right can be a challenge. There’s so much to think about: calorie and carb counting, portion control, and balancing all the food groups on your plate.

Don’t feel pressured to get everything right straight away. Start with one aspect of your diet and once you’ve mastered, that move onto something else.

To help you get started check out our factsheet Food choice for people with diabetes, our hints for healthy cooking as well as our full range of delicious recipes.

Some other useful tips include:

  • Try re-sizing the amount of protein you eat. The chances are you’re eating too much meat, so try to balance this with more colourful food on your plate, such as sweet potato, spinach, beetroot and salad. The more colours on your plate, the better.
  • Add a small portion of wholemeal rice or pasta or the tasty nutty flavour of chickpeas.
  • Substitute water for soft drink, or, as you reach for a second glass of wine, go for the sparkling mineral water instead.

You’ll find, when you get into the swing of it, that managing a healthy diet isn’t as hard as you thought it would be – and healthy eating is great for the whole family.

Remember, food is part of our holistic approach to living well with diabetes. Eating a healthy diet can help lift your mood, which makes it easier to do regular exercise and stay on top of monitoring your glucose levels and medications.

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