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‘Mood, Food, Move and Me’ are all important aspects of our holistic approach to helping you live your life with diabetes.

‘Me’ may be at the end of the list, but it’s ‘Me’ that should always come first.

‘Me’ is all about being in control of your health. It’s about being in touch with your diabetes and how it impacts you, so you can manage it, avoid complications and live well.

What does ‘Me’ involve?

Me involves monitoring and understanding your diabetes, including:

  • Checking your BGLs
  • Knowing your HbA1c
  • Seeing your doctor and healthcare team regularly
  • Keeping up to date on developments in treatment or lifestyle guidelines
  • Learning about new technologies and how they might make things easier for you.
  • Managing your Annual Cycle of Care
  • Understanding the difference between being registered on the NDSS and being a member of Diabetes NSW & ACT.

Managing your health and medication routine can feel stressful at times, but healthy eating, regular movement and keeping your mood optimistic can all help to make it easier.

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Me is all about what you need to do for yourself, managing your diabetes and doing what you can.

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