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Whatever type of diabetes you have, dealing with it can be very demanding. It’s little wonder that sometimes you can begin to feel like it’s all too hard to cope.

We know how tough it can be – but getting into the right mindset can really help you live well with diabetes. You will find that when your mood is right, managing your nutrition, exercise and your medication all gets a little easier.

Its important to remember your are not alone. You may find it helpful to connect with others sharing similar experiences through a local diabetes support group or one of our many events.

The information in these factsheets may also offer you some good tips for managing your emotional health.

Mindfulness can help lift your mood

Try these three simple tips to get into a more positive frame of mind:

  • When you feel stressed, take time to stop, breathe deeply and be mindful of what’s around you. What can you hear or see or smell?
  • Listen out for birds singing, listen to a lovely piece of music, smell a flower or the fresh air or a piece of ripe fruit.
  • Just close your eyes for a few minutes and think of something beautiful in nature or of someone you love, or a friend or pet who makes you smile.

Reach out to others if you need to talk

You’re family and friends are there to support you and Diabetes NSW & ACT is here to help as well.  If you need help lifting your mood call our Helpline on 1300 342 238. Our friendly team are here to help you look after all aspects of your health and emotional wellbeing.

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